Frequently Asked Questions


What is Care-Fill?

Care-Fill is a custom strip packaging medication program.  We package your medication in 28-day strips based on the time of day you take your medication (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, or Bedtime).  Each month we will call you or a designated caregiver before we package your medication to verify any medication changes you may have or any additional medications you need filled (creams, ointments, inhalers, insulin, as needed medications, etc.).  We will then package your medications and call you to set-up your free delivery.   


How do I sign up (myself or family member)?

Call 855-WALBERG to speak with your Care-Fill Pharmacist over the phone or in person at any of our store locations.  He/she will get your basic information including name, address, phone, birth date, allergies, and insurance information.  She will also review your medication list with you including what medications you take, what time of day you take them (Morning, Noon, Afternoon, or Bedtime), and which doctor prescribes them.  We will contact your current pharmacy to transfer any prescriptions with refills and we will contact your doctor for any medications for which you need new prescriptions.  We pick a start date based on when your medications can be filled according to your insurance and how much medication you have left at home.


Can I include over-the-counter medications in my Care-Fill pack? 

Over-the counter medications you take on a regular basis can also be included in your strips (vitamins, fish oil, etc.).   If you need any other over-the-counter medication for a short period of time, we can provide that separately.  


Is there any additional cost? 

Care-Fill packaging is a free service.  We will bill your prescription insurance for your prescriptions and you are only responsible for your regular prescription  co-pays.  


What if I get a new prescription?

Care-Fill Pharmacy will call and let you know if we receive a new prescription from your doctor.  Any short-term medication (such as antibiotics) or as needed prescriptions can continue to be filled in prescription vials when necessary.  We are also happy to deliver them to you free of charge.  If your doctor changes the dose of a medication in your Care-Fill strip or adds a new maintenance medication we will send you a short-fill of the new medication and package it in your next Care-Fill Pack.


What if my doctor discontinues a medication?

If you are in the middle of your Care-Fill strip, you can take your medication to any of our stores and a pharmacist would be happy to remove the medication from your current strip.  You may also remove the medication on your own, if you are comfortable in doing so.  You can give us a call and we will be happy to tell you exactly what the medication looks like and which bag it is in.  We take pictures of every medication strip before it leaves the pharmacy, so we can utilize this technology to help you identify the discontinued medication.  Please let us know when a medication is discontinued so we can make sure to remove it from your future medication strips.