"I was using little containers, I was spilling drugs and I had problems with keeping track of my drugs".  Care-Fill packaging has really helped a lot in terms of keeping track of my medicines.  

Every day, I know exactly what pills I should take and I know exactly what time I should take them."

-Max, Care-Fill Customer 


"Care-Fill makes my life easier because my parents have started (taking Care-Fill), so I don't have to worry about making sure they get their medication.

It comes in a long strip so you can tear each day off the strip if your traveling for the day.  Everything you need is in the packet for the time of day you need it." 

-Brenda, Care-Fill Customer & Daughter of a Care-Fill Customer


"It's much easier than sitting around putting pills in little boxes.  It saves a lot of frustration at the kitchen table.” 

-Janet, Care-Fill Customer